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Our Services

Falcon CPA's mission is to provide a "management, business and accounting support solution" for clients doing business in Hong Kong, China and Malaysia. Our services include, but not limited to, the following:

Due Diligence Services

Business environment today offers many opportunities for acquisition and merger exercises. However, one has to understand that business opportunities go hand in hand with business risk too. Therefore, it is very important that prior to any completion of your business acquisition or merger exercises, due diligence work is something that you cannot take it too easily and lightly because there may be potential risks involved. Falcon CPAs assists our clients to carry out due diligence works to ensure that they are well protected with what they are acquiring or venturing into and our expert teams will be able to maximise the value for our clients.

To maximise the value of your transaction, Falcon CPA's team, takes an "outside-in" approach with a focused and tailored approach to identify and understand the industry, the business, deal breakers, value drivers, and other aspects that are of interest to our clients. It is important to understand merits and context in which the business is operating together with its unique qualities of the sector, which will reflect the business realistic valuation. In addition, such valuation may be affected by a whole range of factors covering technology, products, customers, suppliers, legislation, etc. All of these need to be considered during our due diligence works.

Our services range from pre-deal investigation to post transaction advisory, such as:

  • Business plan due diligence

  • Commercial due diligence

  • IT due diligence

  • Market due diligence

  • Operational due diligence

  • Synergy due diligence

  • Tax due diligence


Falcon CPA Ltd is managed by our Director, Mr. Gilbert Loke who is a member of The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. In view of that, we have a duty and responsibility to adhere to those professional bodies rules and regulation not to disclose any customer's information to any one without the customer's prior consent, except if the customer is suspected for money laundry or criminal offence, or the HK Inland Revenue Department suspects that he/she has evaded HK taxes (not taxes in other countries). Further the HK Inland Revenue Department is not allowed by the HK law to disclose any information to any one.





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