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Our Services

Falcon CPA's mission is to provide a "management, business and accounting support solution" for clients doing business in Hong Kong, China and Malaysia. Our services include, but not limited to, the following:

Audit and Assurance Services

We carry out our audit efficiently and effectively, to meet taxation and other reporting deadlines with the relevant government authorities in Hong Kong, for our clients. Our approach to auditing is based on a close understanding of the uniqueness of our clients' businesses, management philosophies and goals, and the environments in which they operate. We constantly monitor opportunities for improvements in their financial reporting and control structure as well as ways to help the enhancement of their profitability and global competitiveness. Our auditing services include

  • Auditing of financial statements and reporting in compliance with all the statutory requirements of the relevant government authorities in Hong Kong e.g. Inland Revenue Department, Securities and Future Commission, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, etc., and to add credibility to financial reports.

  • Co-ordinating the audits of the local and overseas operations of our clients through our local office and our worldwide affiliate offices.

  • Evaluating internal accounting and operational controls, highlighting possible improvements for the safeguarding and controlling of company resources.

  • Evaluating controls over computerised management information systems.

  • Provision of operational audits to assist entrepreneurs to achieve their corporate growth strategies.

  • Provision of specialised audits and reports including audits for mergers, acquisitions, stock exchange listings and litigation purposes.

  • Provision of audits of annual accounts of organisations such as partnership and limited companies.



Falcon CPA Ltd is managed by our Director, Mr. Gilbert Loke who is a member of The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. In view of that, we have a duty and responsibility to adhere to those professional bodies rules and regulation not to disclose any customer's information to any one without the customer's prior consent, except if the customer is suspected for money laundry or criminal offence, or the HK Inland Revenue Department suspects that he/she has evaded HK taxes (not taxes in other countries). Further the HK Inland Revenue Department is not allowed by the HK law to disclose any information to any one.





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